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To obtain certification for XTI+ it is necessary:
- to be already an XTEMPO instructor (XTI), and you must be in possession of the license of two XTEMPO programs for at least one year. When you start the course to attend the title of XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR PLUS (XTI+), you must be still in possession of the license of the program you’re going to certified as XTI+.
- You must already be an XTEMPO instructor (XTI), and you must be in possession of the license of one program for two years in a row. Since the third update, you will have the access to the class of your program at the XTI+ level.

The formation of XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR PLUS (XTI+) will last two days. XTEMPO INSTRUCTORS PLUS (XTI+) will receive the same material (cd/dvd/data sheets) of XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR (XTI), but with a difference: XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR PLUS (XTI+) will have the opportunity to change the structure of the lesson. An XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR PLUS (XTI+) will be able to customize the lesson, creating his own choreography, changing or adding movements, while respecting the general equilibrium of the training system.

The teacher of the XTI+ class is in charge to evaluate the ability of all candidates and their right to continue the path. The candidates who will receive XTI+ level, will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity in compliance with programmatic lines of the pre-choreographed program.

The XTI+ course is designated to give to all participants the tools and the technical basics to grow professionally as an XTEMPO instructor. The XTI+ course aims to attract, reward and help people growing their abilities and qualities.


Every four months the trainers enrolled on the XTEMPO programs, will receive a complete lesson with music (cd), choreography (dvd) and also the written list of exercises in order to learn and teach them better.

The following month when the full lesson (cd + dvd) is received, the instructors will get an update that consists in FIVE new choreographies on five new songs that are going to replace others 5 old songs, modifying the program.

The third month starts with five further updates (changing the five choreographies and the five unmodified tracks). In that way, the lesson is completely new compared to the first month.

The fourth month (which corresponds to the months of April, August and December), the trainer is free to go over all the routines using all the material at his disposal... waiting for a brand new class (dvd+cd).

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To become XTEMPO INSTRUCTOR PLUS (XTI+) it is necessary to participate in the two-days course.

The class costs € 290,00



Buying 1 PROGRAM (yearly subscription)

  • Yearly fee 270,00
  • Monthly fee 25,00

Buying 2 PROGRAMS (yearly subscription)

  • Yearly fee 420,00
  • Monthly fee 40,00

Buying 3 PROGRAMS (yearly subscription)

  • Yearly fee 620,00
  • Monthly fee 60,00