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Idea s.r.l. is the group holding different trademarks in the fields of dance, fitness & wellness.

The brand name Cruisin’ Records was created in 1983 as a music label and produced many hits for the International discs market most of all regarding dance music, but also pop and Italian rock. Millions of people have been dancing in the nightclubs all over the world at the sound of Cruisin’ Records.

1993 was a year of change and Cruisin’ decided to work in the fitness and dance field.
Cruisin’ became a leader in the fitness universe and has developed new training systems thanks to the help of great professionals. Cruisin’ organizes different courses for trainers and big National and International events for sporty people and professionals in the world of fitness with the aim of renewing and helping in the development of a field that is expanding more and more. Cruisin’ interest for dance has always been in urban dances, in fact Cruisin’ created the first hip hop school in Italy. The Mc Hip Hop School, which has various branches all over Italy, was created to spread and develop the hip hop culture and to form, train and update a new generation of hip hop dancers. Cruisin’ then decided to widen up its horizons to current and modern dances thanks to professional classes and special events.

Idea is a synonim of quality and professionalism but most of all it stands for innovation and enthusiasm. Every new challenge is studied and developed on the basis of artistic proposals, organizational effectiveness and power of communication, as well as marketing. Idea s.r.l. is the ideal partner for the project XTEMPO.