XTEMPO wants to give you a new way, a new path for your health, wellness, and prevention as well, and wants to react to the flatness that the sector has been facing.

XTEMPO aims to communicate to trainers and lead them on a serious and stimulating professional path. Everyone must be encouraged to join a fitness club to improve their fitness and wellbeing. To reach this goal, skilled and professional trainers are needed, which are able to teach classes suitable for everybody. You don’t need advanced routines or heavy and difficult programs: the main user of fitness courses only needs to follow a safe, simple and entertaining training program.

It took two years of study, work and development to create the new training system XTEMPO, which is now ready to to conquer trainers and users all over the world, thanks to the support of IDEA/CRUISIN’... XTEMPO is now ready to shake up the fitness world.

XTEMPO was presented to Japanese societies and different professionals in different countries (Austria, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil) who enthusiastically put their skills and knowledge at its disposal.